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ISSN 2413-7065 (print)
DOI: 10.30840

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Indexation of the Ukrainian Studies Academic Journal in the International Scienometric Databases

In 2019, the Ukrainian Studies International Academic Journal (ISSN 2413-7065), issued by the Research Institute of Ukrainian Studies, was indexed by the recognized scienometric database Index Copernicus. Currently, its Index Copernicus Value (ICV) constitutes 62.43%, which reflects the international potential of the journal. Its scientific profile in Index Copernicus is determined in such categories as History/ Anthropology/ Literature and Literary Theory. As of today, the journal is indexed in ten scienometric databases, including Polish Scholarly LibraryAcademic Resource Index ResearchBibGoogle Scholar, etc. The editorial board is composed by scholars from Poland, Belarus, as well as prominent Ukrainian professors. Articles contributed to Ukrainian Studies undergo double-blind peer review and are published in two languages — Ukrainian and English. The journal publishes materials in conformity with the open access policy and Creative Commons license CC BY NC ND (Attribution — NonCommercial — NoDerivs). Ukrainian Studies is a professional academic journal specializing in history and accredited by the Higher Attestation Commission of Ukraine. Also, the journal covers topical problems of cultural studies, linguistics, archaeology, education, philosophy, and other humanities and social sciences. Special attention is paid to the modern direction in anthropology — urban studies — as well as teaching Ukrainian studies in general-education schools.